About Us

Supply Chain Specialists

Newcastle Agri Terminal (NAT) is an independent logistics and agricultural export company based in Newcastle, New South Wales. We exist to provide better grain supply chain solutions for exporters and to increase farm gate returns for growers. NAT has a clear focus on facilitating efficient supply chain operations and is not directly involved in grain marketing. Newcastle Agri Terminal commenced operations in 2014 and is Australia’s most modern grain export facility. The terminal breaks new ground in terms of grain loading, road and rail discharge speeds and sets new standards in safety, dust, fumigation and noise management.

We are committed to making a positive impact on the communities we touch:

Regional community – Increased competition in the grain supply chain means higher farm gate returns for growers. The terminal facilitates regional development through enabling innovation and investment in upcountry grain storage and transport nodes which in turn creates jobs.

Environmental impact – As a modern export facility, NAT has been able to introduce new technology to minimise the environmental impacts of moving commodities through the port.  Our facility prides itself on achieving low greenhouse emissions, state of the art dust and fumigant capture technology and noise minimisation.

Portside community – In addition to providing local employment opportunities and minimising environmental impacts, NAT is committed to making a positive contribution to the local Carrington and broader Newcastle community. Funding submissions will be considered on a case by case basis.

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